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The Legacy of King Memorial Park

Forty years ago, the Baltimore African-American community did not have a well kept cemetery to call its own, and the historic black cemeteries were in a state of neglect. Four funeral directors, including William C. March, decided to open a new cemetery for the black community. They purchased fifty acres in Baltimore County at a time when few blacks lived in the area. But this rural countryside provided open green pastures, and the promise of accommodating the memorialization needs of African-American families far into the future. They named the cemetery King Memorial Park.

After struggling for more than fifteen years, the March family acquired full ownership of the cemetery and embarked on a long term mission to make King Memorial Park the best and most affordable resting place for the heritage of the African American community. As King Memorial Park’s president, Erich March continuously looks for ways to improve and differentiate the memorial site. He not only focuses on the landscape and memorial features but works toward developing a staff of counselors to assist families in making burial decisions. In addition to the African American community, the cemetery serves the distinct needs the traditions and traditions of Baltimore’s Islamic Community.

Many of Baltimore’s most famous citizens rest at King Memorial Park. They include Bea Gaddy, the Mother Teresa of Baltimore; Slappy White, TV comedian; Jim Parker, Football Hall of Famer; Enolia McMillan, former President of the NAACP…to name a few. King Memorial Park continues to live up to its motto: “A Cemetery you can be proud of, where memories are preserved.”

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