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Letting the Sun Shine In Daily Emails

When someone you love dies, grieving that loss can take a long time. As in any emotional journey, there are rough spots to be weathered, and moments when you catch a glimpse of a sunnier horizon. We want to be your daily companion, helping you to let the sun shine back into your life. These daily emails provide encouragement and gentle reminders of the recovery process. Interested?

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Here’s What Others Say…

- "Your daily affirmation emails have given me hope for a better tomorrow." - Emily- "I like the fact that these affirmations guide me through activities – things I can do to keep my mind busy." - Frank- "Your messages have helped me reflect the life my grandfather lived and have helped me heal." - Dan- "Sometimes I feel so lost. But these email messages give me a ray of hope that tomorrow will be better. And that’s enough for me to keep moving." - Mark

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