Our Distinctive Features

Since the moment we made the decision to open a cemetery dedicated to the African-American heritage of families in the Baltimore area, we’ve chosen to express the unique and distinctive qualities of this heritage through the physical features of the cemetery grounds. It was always our intention that visitors to King Memorial Park be spiritually and psychologically restored by the time they spend here.

 When you speak to people about King Memorial Park, you'll find there is a diversity of reasons why we are so well-known, and well-respected, by African-American families in the Baltimore area. These reasons include:

• Our manicured green lawns, evergreens, gardens and lush shrubbery

• Our Chapel Mausoleums constructed with Italian marble and stained glass windows

• Our extremely-affordable prices

• Our annual Memorial Day Message of Hope and Gospel Concert

• Our dove release ceremonies

• Our status as the largest African-American owned and operated cemetery in the United States

But to us King Memorial Park is so much more. It is the final resting place for generations of our communities’ legacies. A place of rest for our professional athletes, our community activists, our veterans, our singers, our ‘big mammas’ and ‘big daddies,’ our brothers and sisters; sweet potato pie bakers, teachers and coaches, pastors and deacons, best friends and all those we knew, loved and will always remember.

We take our roles as protector of memories, and caretaker of their resting places, as reflections of our sacred mission.

“Where Memories are Preserved” is our commitment and “A Cemetery You Can Be Proud of” is our promise.

King Memorial Park is a perpetual care cemetery. This means that a portion of all revenue from the purchase of cemetery property is escrowed in a trust fund to insure that there will always be sufficient funds to maintain the burial sites of all those who are dear to us.

King Memorial Park is a blend of nature’s beauty and spiritual imagery. We intend that time spent here will nourish and heal the hearts and minds of our visitors. Our landscape designers and architects have put truly distinctive touches within the grounds; unique areas and features that will inspire you to return time and again.

Distinctive Burial Sections

• Grand Heritage Mausoleum & Chapel• Upright Monuments Section• Shepherd in the Storm Cremation Garden• Islamic Society Burial Grounds• Baby Burial Section

Distinctive Artwork

• Wind Chimes Garden• Freedom Memorial• Butterfly Tree• Flag Row• Bust of Martin Luther King, Jr. in our Cremation Niche area

Distinctive Services

In addition to these unique physical features, King Memorial Park also offers our families truly distinctive services:

• Dove release ceremony• Double deep graves• Non-porous, water resistant burial vault with each burial• Guaranteed perpetual care

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