Our Commitment to You

We believe a cemetery is sacred and forever. That is the reality we, as cemetery operators, must continually keep in the forefront of our minds, our work, our planning and our commitment to our patron families.

As owners and operators of the country’s largest African-American cemetery, the March Family has planned to develop the new areas of the cemetery to reflect the history and dignity of the black community as well as the Islamic community with unique memorialization.

Burial sites are being designed in the newly acquired 104 acres, making King Memorial Park the first of its kind in America. Within the cemetery, whole sections will be dedicated to African-American teachers, policemen, firefighters, clergymen and fraternal organizations.

Our heritage is the heroic struggle of demanding freedom and equality. Our tradition is to remember our loved ones who endured injustice in the workplace, housing and education, but persevered to provide a better life for us all.

There has been much talk of “heroes” since September 11th as it relates to national defense and public service. Let us not forget our personal, private heroes; our mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers who helped us move forward, whose remains now rest in our cemetery.

King Memorial Park will remember them. King Memorial Park will preserve their memory forever.

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